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About Joshua Markum Builders, Inc.

Markum J. Olson


Markum ‘Mark’ J. Olson began his construction career in 1981 in the Union Carpenter Apprenticeship program until advancing to Journeyman and finally Foreman in the mid 1980’s.

Stepping out on his own in 1997, Mark chose to apply his knowledge and skills in residential construction as a homebuilder when founding Mark V Construction, Inc. (MVC). Under his leadership, MVC successfully completed nearly 50 new builds (ranging in value from $300K to $1M) in numerous residential developments throughout the Twin Cities. As with many builders of this time, MVC succumbed to the broader market downturn and was shuttered in 2010.

In June of 2008, with new construction starts on the wain with MVC, Mark founded Clear Choice Remodeling to take advantage of the increasing trend to remodeling among homeowners who were stuck in their existing homes at that time. In 2013, after noticing a strong uptick in new construction starts, again Mark chose to refocus his efforts on the improving residential new-build market. To take advantage of the changing market, he chose to reorganize and re-brand Clear Choice Remodeling as Joshua/Markum Builders, Inc. (JMB), completing a number of new homes and remodeling projects since the relaunch of JMB.

In addition to his expertise in residential construction, Mark brings an extensive background in commercial construction management as a Project Superintendent for a major Minnesota-based commercial contractor. In this ongoing role, Mark is responsible for onsite supervisory and project management duties at various commercial construction projects in the area.

Rick J. Lewandowski

Vice President

Mr. Lewandowski has been a developer, builder as well as a foundation contractor since 1987.

As President of MM Home Builders, Rick oversaw the construction of over 975 homes in 25 different municipalities in the State of Minnesota. These included entry-level homes up to exclusive, million dollar estates. The average scope of each major engagement included the construction of 20 to 100 homes per development with a mix of attached and detached single family homes. MM Home Builders was often responsible for the take-down of roughly 20% of all lots in a given development and given phase among as many as 25 competing builders.

In addition to his home building projects with MM Home Builders, Rick founded numerous single-asset entities in conjunction with his sizable, raw-land development projects. He has developed and improved land totaling over 2,000 lots for residential homes. A partial list includes: Albert Villas in Albertville, MN circa 2001-2007 (totaling 450 lots in seven phases), Water’s Edge in St. Cloud, MN circa 2004-2008 (master-planned 1,100 lots with 317 completed), Mitchell Farms in Big Lake, MN circa 1998-2003 (160 lots in three phases), Mitchell Lake Ridge in Big Lake, MN 1998-2003 (160 lots in three phases), Buffalo Ridge in Buffalo, MN circa 2001-2005 (135 lots in three phases), Prairie View in Buffalo, MN 1998-2005 (103 lots in three phases), as well a 175 acre plot in Blaine, MN (800 lots sold on Purchase Agreement circa 2001-2007, prior to the raw-land-and-lots market collapse of the late 2000s).

Prior to his building and development projects, Rick directly oversaw and contracted for the excavation and installation over 2,500 foundations with nearly 70 builders over the last 30 years.

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